Welcome to Premier Life

A community set up to educate, engage and coach employees on their financial life journey.

About Us

Premier Life is an Online Financial Community which teaches members about where they are financially today and how to improve their financial situation. Premier Life can be accessed from any internet connected device enabling you to learn whenever you want wherever you are.

Premier Life has 3 core beliefs; to Educate, Engage and Coach. It achieves these goals through its Financial Success Path Course, Engage app and access to challenges with the Financial Coach.

Why You Should Join Us

As we've said above our core 3 beliefs are Education, Engagement and Coaching and we achieve this throughout our different courses and resources.


The primary focus of Premier Life is to provide education on a range of financial topics. We have developed the Financial Success Path Course which guides users from module to module while providing them with an end goal.  

In combination with the success path users have access to our Financial Wellness Library which has a range of financial resources that can be quickly searched using our unique Premier Search tool.

We discovered that users learn better when they are offered an interactive learning experience so we have developed Calculators that allow users to create their own financial scenarios and learn the impact of their actions.


Engagement is a key belief of our in the delivery of Premier Life which is why within Mighty Networks we have established topic specific groups in which members can discuss and ask questions to each other and our financial experts.


Our Financial Coaching Service  provides a comprehensive package of coaching solutions for Premier Life Members.

Mark "The Financial Coach" , one of our most experienced advisors, provides coaching to all members through his 7 and 21 day challenges.

The 7 Day Financial Basecamp Challenge focuses on getting members to understand where they are financially today and creates a foundation for further financial decisions and actions.

The 21 Day Financial Summit Challenge builds on the 7 day challenge fundamentals and offers users a much more comprehensive understanding of their finances and future objectives. 

These challenges are taught via our online learning management system. We also present a  livestream weekly during the course which facilitates a Q & A session for all members who attend.